CAGEF actively sponsors a range of student activities and external organizations.


Undergraduate Activities


international Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) 2009-2016

CAGEF sponsored “Encapsulator” iGEM 2009 project won a bronze medal

Graduate Activities

CAGEF has been a long time supporter and sponsor of the Collaborative Graduate Program in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics


American Society of Plant Biology (July 2016) in Austin, Texas

International Plant Growth Substances Association (June 2016) in Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Society of Microbiology (June 2016) in Toronto, Ontario CAGEF partnered with Illumina at this meeting to offer a Research Accelerator Award of up to $10,000 of Illumina NextSeq500 sequencing

Great Lakes Bioinformatics and Canadian Computational Biology Conference (May 2016) in Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Society of Plant Biology Eastern Regional Meeting (November 2015) in Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Plant Genomics Workshop (Aug 2015) in Victoria, British Columbia

American Society of Plant Biology (July 2015) in Minneapolis, Minnesota

International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (July 2014) in Vancouver, British Columbia

Canadian Plant Genomics Workshop (Aug 2013) in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Plant and Animal Genome (January 2013) in San Diego, California

International Conference on Systems Biology (Aug 2012) in Toronto, Ontario

American Society of Plant Biology (July 2012) in Austin, Texas

Molecular Biology of Plant Pathogens (April 2012) in Reading, UK

Canadian Plant Genomics Workshop (Aug 2011) in Niagara Falls, Ontario