We provide both Next Generation Sequencing with the Illumina system and high throughput Sanger sequencing with the 48 capillary AB system.

Along with standard sequencing, we also perform CAGEF-developed techniques:

Next Generation Mapping 

  • Identifies the causative lesion in Arabidopsis EMS generated mutants.


  • Quantitatively measure the enrichment of candidate interactors in yeast two-hybrid interaction screens.



Next-Generation Sequencing

Illumina NextSeq500 Desktop Sequencer v2

Illumina MiSeq Personal Sequencer v2

Next generation high-throughput sequencers can be used for:

  • whole genome sequencing
  • SNP detection
  • digital expression profiling
  • RNA-Seq
  • small RNA analysis
  • chromatin immunoprecipitation assays
  • 16S microbiome sequencing
  • metagenome sequencing
  • metatranscriptome sequencing


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Sanger Sequencing

Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer

48-capillary high throughput DNA sequencer can be applied to:

  • Sanger sequencing
  • DNA fragment analysis applications:
    • microsatellites
    • AFLP
    • SNP analysis
    • mutation detection


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